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Computer hardware and server support for sports and concert venue



A national facility management company was looking for local computer hardware and server support in the newly built arena, an 8,800-seat indoor multi sports arena. Through their parent company’s existing relationships, they already had support for the high-end network and internet equipment, but that relationship did not cover server, computers, user management or helpdesk support. They needed local help to support their day-to-day IT needs for their 25+ employees.


Experience in...

  • Ticketmaster
    Microsoft 365
    (Office, Mail, etc.)

  • Remote Backups 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Partnering with other IT service providers

  • Multi location issues

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Southampton worked with this facility management company to understand their needs and ultimately developed a unique managed services agreement, supporting and managing all administrative IT needs for the Moncton location.


Some of the specific services included:

  • Connectivity from the network / internet equipment to all the computers (server and workstations) onsite.

  • Provided them with an internal network with proper connectivity and security to connect computers together.

  • Installed and shared printers

  • Setup secure folder structure for different roles within the company

  • Manage users on their network.

  • Tied server into their VPN / Router

  • Server backups and disaster recoveries for POS system

  • Desktop support.

  • Antivirus, monitoring, asset review, asset management

  • Regular maintenance and proactive patching keep software up-to-date and secure.

  • Asset reviews and computer cycling


Helpdesk means they have access to unlimited IT support services so anyone can reach out with issues for quick resolution; essentially, a local IT department without the employee overhead and management of an internal one. This proactive approach resulted in lessening the number of issues on a daily basis and quicker response to those issues that did occur.

“We deal with a lot of big names in the business we are in and have many partners we rely on to help us deliver world-class entertainment. We count Southampton Computers as one of those trusted allies. We know we can count on them any time if there is ever an issue.”

Dave S.

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