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Manufacturing & Wholesalers

Like all industries, those that work in the manufacturing or wholesale rely on their IT systems to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. From purchasing raw materials, to tracking shift workers time, to supporting elaborate scheduling and financial software applications, IT is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. There is no time for down time.

Many companies’ use employee in-house IT solutions to ensure prompt and custom delivery of service. Others have found outsourcing to be a more cost effective, efficient, and more flexible option. Southampton has experience supporting both approaches. 


We have been auxiliary support for internal IT resources when extra skillsets or expertise is required, and we have also become the primary IT provider for companies that have moved away from the extra complexities of managing another employee. Our sweet spot in these situations is to provide, full, managed IT services so that we can proactively ensure that all systems are go, all the time.


Experience in...

  • Syspro

  • Solidworks

  • Microsoft 365
    (Office, Mail, etc.)

  • Remote Backups 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Multi location issues

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If you’re a Manufacturer or Wholesaler and want to learn more about how Southampton can help make your IT more comfortable, contact us today, for a free, no obligation conversation, assessment and/or quotation.

“The service and response we received was always prompt and professional. I want to thank you and all your staff for making it a smooth transition. To be honest, we had our doubts when moving from our own IT personnel but looking back it certainly was the best decision we could have made – due to the excellent service we received."

Sheldon B.

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