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Reduced outages with proactive managed service approach for small business



Southampton services all sizes of customers throughout the Atlantic provinces and we had a local ventilation company that started out as a break fix customer with us over 12 years ago.


Break fix is a reactive approach to technology in that issues are only addressed as they become a problem. There is very little proactivity in this approach.


Over time, this company's IT equipment became out of date and because of the reactive approach, was not addressed as soon as it could have been. A combination of the age of the equipment and spotty internet service became a hindrance to an efficiently working business environment.


Since break-fix was becoming too reactive for them, they approached us to see if there was a way we could increase their uptime and decrease the frequency of network outages.


Experience in...

  • HVAC

  • Sage (Quickbooks)

  • Inventory Software

  • Cloud based ticketing software 

  • Email 365

  • Remote Backups 

  • Data Recovery 

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After a complete audit and consultation, Southampton: 


  • Introduced client to managed services approach to ensure we could create more proactive tasks to avoid potential outages.

  • Updated their cable networking structure.

  • Improved their wireless throughout the office

  • Implemented battery backups to support outages and reduce downtime

  • Included their email provider in their monthly service fees

  • Provide unlimited support through their managed service agreement


Since the changes, the customer has seen the number of outages reduce dramatically which has resulted in a significant increase in productivity. The proactive approach to maintenance and patching now keeps IT equipment up to date and working properly. Regular IT hardware reviews ensures no equipment gets outdated beyond their usefulness and their existing equipment is always up-to-date with the most recent security patches and updates.

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