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Multi Location Regional

Organizations with multiple locations and a large employee base can often tax internal resources. As technology changes and demands evolve, many organizations out grow an internal resource and look to a broader team to help with all their needed in a timely fashion.


Multiple locations introduce the added complexity of being able to seamless connect the different office locations as if they were in the same office. These connectivity requirements elevate the importance of security measures to keep each of the locations secure from outsiders yet accessible to insiders.


Southampton has extensive experience stepping in and helping to design and support network architectures to allow multiple locations to securely and efficiently work together to maximize collaboration and productivity.


Experience in...

  • CDK

  • Navistar

  • Karmak

  • Microsoft 365
    (Office, Mail, etc.)

  • Remote Backups 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Multi location issues

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If you work for a business that has Multiple Regional Locations and want to learn more about how Southampton can help make your IT more comfortable, contact us today, for a free, no obligation conversation, assessment and/or quotation.

“Scaling your IT with your business is a skill and an art that Southampton have mastered. We’re thankful for the support they provide to keep us running smoothly.”

David B.

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