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Technology Infrastructure and disaster planning for a busy non-profit organization



We work with a local youth organization that supports young people in overcoming barriers that have impeded healthy growth and development by providing specialized residential and community outreach services. These programs help youth succeed by providing support and new opportunities to unlock their potential and elevate their success. Through engagement, inclusion, and goal directed action youth develop the skills and coping strategies necessary to become connected and contributing members of society. 


As this non-profit organization grew and diversified it added more residential programs and expanded its presence to seven New Brunswick communities.  With this expansion across numerous locations in New Brunswick, it became important that its technology infrastructure grew with it.


Adding more residences meant finding a way that the residential and community outreach programs could securely share applications and files between 16 facilities.


Experience in...

  • Sage 300

  • Microsoft 365
    (Office, Mail, etc.)

  • Remote Backups 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Isolating Internal vs Guest Networks

  • Securely Connecting Multiple Locations 

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Southampton implemented a cloud approach to file/document sharing which allows the company seamless growth with the number of locations. We also supplied IT hardware (computers, firewalls, wireless access points, etc.) for all their residences.


We upgraded internet connectivity of each location to support the move to the cloud and increase reliability of both wired and wireless connections. Separated employee network access and guest network access was also put into place.


As a best practice, we also implemented backup and disaster recovery services on their servers for both quick file retrieval and complete restores in the event of a catastrophic failure or loss event.


The your organization also migrated to a managed service relationship which includes:


• management of location internet connections

• monitoring of all computer systems (server and workstations)

• user management for email accounts

• monthly maintenance, patching and upkeep on all their computers

• unlimited help-desk support​


The employees at all locations are now able to share files in a centralized secure environment. Administrative employees are able to run their enterprise software centrally from their server, which allows for more consistent and regular backups. Data is also backed up in multiple ways to ensure access, integrity, and redundancy.


The managed service approach gave the organization the cost certainty that is important to its business.


A client for 15+ years, we are proud to play a small role in the excellent work this youth organization provides across New Brunswick.

“Southampton is a highly valued service provider that has proactively assisted us in moving confidently into the twenty-first century.  It has consistently provided highly customized IT business solutions to meet the agency’s array of communication and information management needs. Their team is always responsive and we have the comfort in knowing that as we grow and serve the needs of youth in this province, our technology will grow with us.”

Mel K.

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