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Facility Management

When you manage facilities, your internal systems often have to integrate with powerful and sophisticated software solutions. It also means that any down time could mean not just lost revenue but upset and disappointed end-users as well. Quality, local and often hands-on service is of critical importance.   


Southampton is used to dealing with software solutions of all sizes. The more powerful the solution, the greater urgency for it to be up and running all of the time. We pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to customers, ensuring we help solve problems before they occur.

If you’re a FACILITY MANAGER and want to learn more about how Southampton can help make your IT more comfortable, contact us today, for a free, no obligation conversation, assessment and/or quotation.


Experience in...

  • Ticketmaster


  • Microsoft 365
    (Office, Mail, etc.)

  • Remote Backups 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Partnering with other IT service providers

  • Multi location issues

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“We deal with a lot of big names in the business we are in and have many partners we rely on to help us deliver world-class entertainment. We count Southampton Computers as one of those trusted allies. We know we can count on them any time if there is ever an issue.”

Dave S.

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