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Supporting a network of national clinics with all their IT needs



A National Orthodontics Group has offices all across Canada. They support their national network of community-based clinics in delivering personalized orthodontic treatment. 


This Group started out with a single building in Atlantic Canada that was looking for IT services to support them. 


As they grew and acquired other locations, they needed an IT provide that could grow with them. They had a IT Director that oversaw their technology needs, but no direct technical IT support on the ground. The company grew quickly and created a national partnership between clinics and required support and infrastructure upgrades.


Experience in...

  • CDK

  • Navistar

  • Karmak

  • Microsoft 365
    (Office, Mail, etc.)

  • Remote Backups 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Multi location issues

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Southampton was this National Organization's provider of choice at their very first location in Atlantic Canada. As they started to acquire new locations, we grew with them.


Our IT support team works closely with their IT Director to plan and fulfill their IT needs. Some of these ongoing activities include:


  • Evaluate IT needs of newly acquired clinics.

  • Coordinate IT services when setting up new clinics.

  • Plan IT asset reviews and purchasing schedules.

  • Implemented secure firewall & VPN solution at each national client for inter-office connectivity

  • Offer remote help-desk services to all locations.

  • Monitor all servers and workstations for potential issues in realtime.

  • Installed security and cybersecurity measures for protection.

  • Provide backup services for file and folder backups.

  • Implement Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for mission critical data at the different locations.

  • Provide ongoing IT support once new offices are acquired and integrated into their network.

  • Use our partner network for onsite support.


Currently, we are successfully supporting 15+ clinics nationally, with more locations coming on board. As the number of their clinics grew, we grew our support team, skills and experience.


This organization has been a Southampton customer for over 15 years.

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