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Taking over IT support for a rapidly expanding fishery



A large local fish plant increased their work force from seven employees to over twenty-five in a relatively short period of time. Their initial systems were not set up for this type of employee growth and as a result were experiencing frequent disruptions. They also had cybersecurity concerns they wanted to address. 


At the time, their internal IT capabilities we not able to handle the needs of the growing business and sought the advice and help of Southampton.


Experience in...

  • Domain Controllers

  • Microsoft 365
    (Office, Mail, etc.)
    Firewall Configuration
    VPN Setup

  • Remote Backups 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • Isolating Internal vs Guest Networks

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The timing was right for them to transition from a sole internal resource to having Southampton take over their IT support. With a large and diverse team of solutions engineers, network specialists and technical support help, our team was able to provide the higher level of expertise and breadth of knowledge that was required to meet their growth requirements. 


At the time, we did a complete site assessment and provided Westmorland with full network replacement options to upgrade their equipment, including a managed firewall, switch and wireless solution. 


Improper cabling caused inefficiencies in the network. We worked with a cabling company to make sure it was properly setup and deployed throughout the office. We removed all entry level networking products and upgraded them to better support the size of their operation and any future growth. 


Finally, moved them to a more stable email platform and implemented a disaster recovery system to ensure any large, unexpected failure could be restored quickly.


With the network upgrade, and unlimited monthly support, The customer now enjoys less downtime, more productivity, and the comfort in knowing their network is properly implemented and secure. The monthly service agreement means we partner with them to make sure their computers have all the latest updates and we’re proactively providing suggestions to make sure their IT infrastructure is as efficient as possible. 


The monthly service agreement makes us their IT department for any of today’s needs, but more importantly, to help them plan and forecast for any of their future needs.

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