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Building a secure environment for remote collaboration



A growing firm asked Southampton to come in and review their IT setup. What we discovered was that they had recently purchased servers that were plugged in but never set up by their previous IT provider. As such, despite having this new, powerful server on-site, they were still running a desktop PC as a server which greatly affected their overall performance and reliability.


Having multiple partners at the firm, they needed a way to work collaboratively within the different partner groups, yet, separately from each group. The law firm wanted a way to work together but keep their files and data separate between partner groups. There was also a desire to allow for employees to work remotely, an option their existing setup did not allow.


Experience in...

  • PC Law

  • Divorce mate

  • Amicus

  • Papercut

  • Remote Backups 

  • Data Recovery 
    Multi location issues 

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We were able to take the servers and integrate them as a key piece of their collaboration tools. We segregated the servers for each of the partners so they had access to their own server and not each others to control access. The server infrastructure also allowed us to centralize their main software applications for backup and redundancy.


We were able to give employees remote access through a secure VPN which allowed them to safely access files while working offsite. A functioning backup solution was also deployed to ensure critical files and folders were always backed up and available for recovery.


Integrating the new servers allowed for faster application processing and centralized their file storage and backup. The company was able to work much more efficiently, and the remote access allowed employees to access critical files from home or on the road.


We continue to support their entire IT needs through ongoing computer monitoring (server and workstation), updated antivirus, email management, software updates, and help-desk support.

“Covid threw many industries for a loop and the ability to work from home in a secure and efficient manner was the new necessity. Southampton did a terrific job in listening to our needs and getting us set up and running so the firm could be equally as efficient at home as in the office.”

Brian M.

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